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38.2 Cover

Volume 38, Number 2

Children and War in Early Modern Europe

Guest-edited by: Katie Barclay, Dianne Hall, and Dolly MacKinnon



37.2 Cover

Volume 37, Number 2

Representing Queens

Guest-edited by: Stephanie Russo



36.2 Cover

Volume 36, Number 2

Practice, Performance and Emotions in Medieval and Early Modern Heritage

Guest-edited by: Alicia Marchant and Jane-Héloïse Nancarrow



35.2 Cover

Volume 35, Number 2

Translating Medieval Cultures Across Time and Place: A Global Perspective

Guest-edited by: Sahar Amer, Esther S. Klein, and Hélène Sirantoine



34.2 Cover

Volume 34, Number 2

Exile and Imprisonment in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Guest-edited by: Lisa Di Crescenzo and Sally Fisher



33.2 Cover

Volume 33, Number 2

Approaches to Early Modern Nostalgia

Guest-edited by: Kristine Johanson



33.3 Cover

Volume 32, Number 3

Religion, Memory, and Civil War in the British Isles: Essays for Don Kennedy

Guest-edited by: Dolly MacKinnon, Alexandra Walsham, and Amanda Whiting


33.3 Cover

Volume 32, Number 2

A Road Less Travelled: The Medieval and Early Modern World Reflected in New Zealand Collections

Guest-edited by: Chris Jones



31.2 Cover

Volume 31, Number 2

Medieval and Early Modern Emotional Responses to Death and Dying

Guest-edited by: Rebecca F. McNamara and Una McIlvenna


30.2 Cover

Volume 30, Number 2

Thinking about Magic in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Guest-edited by: Tracy Adams


29.2 Cover

Volume 29, Number 2

Early Modern Women and the Apparatus of Authorship

Guest-edited by: Sarah C. E. Ross, Patricia Pender, and Rosalind Smith


28.2 Cover

Volume 28, Number 2

Reason of State, Natural Law, and Early Modern Statecraft

Guest-edited by: Cathy Curtis and David Martin Jones


27.2 Cover

Volume 27, Number 2

Medieval Practices of Space and Place

Guest-edited by: Megan Cassidy-Welch